Water Management

Smart Solutions for Conserving Water

Our innovative turf solutions will help you conserve water while maintaining a healthy and vibrant appearance throughout your property.  Colorado Property Care has decades of experience working with businesses, municipalities, and HOAs to reduce and optimize water consumption through ET Water solutions. Smart water technology is a way to collect, share and analyze data from water equipment and water networks.

Colorado Property Care, LLC
Colorado Property Care, LLC

ET Controllers

Smart irrigation system controller studies show typical outdoor water savings of 20%-40% annually. We install and manage ET Controllers that use weather, site, and soil moisture data as a basis for determining an appropriate watering schedule. Ask how we can help you conserve more water by evapotranspiration.

We also provide additional water conservation options, which include:

  • Rain Sensors
  • Synthetic Turf Installation
  • Xeric Landscape Design
  • Smart Controllers